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In the flat plains near Iwagakure a clash of metal can be heard if you look closely you can see whats happening.
"Hes over there!!"shouted a leaf jonin by the name of Kakashi Hatake otherwise known as the copycat ninja.
"Got it"shouted his teammate as he threw a kunai with a paper bomb on it into a tree.
A figure jumps out of the tree before the tree explodes.On this mission Kakashi is accompanied by another jonin by the name of Drakken Hikura.Drakken is 23 yrs old,has shoulder length white hair,green eyes and jutsu talent that almost rivals Kakashi.As the smoke clears there stand a rogue Iwagakure shinobi Dante Kuzana.When Dante went rogue he started killing anybody who stepped on the plains.The people of Iwagakure asked the Village hidden in the leafs to send some shinobi to elimante him and the leaf responded by sending the 2 shinobi standing in front of the rogue.
"Hehehe so how shall I kill you two?Bury you alive?Perhaps crush you under some rocks?"Dante wondered out loud.
"How about neither"Drakken responded as he brought out his scythe and charged it with Earth nature chakra.
"You ready kakashi?"Drakken asked as he raised his scythe.
"Alright lets do this"Kakashi responded and started to charge up a lightning blade.
Just then Drakken slammed the blade of his scythe into the ground and created a fissure that moved towards Dante,expanding as it traveled forward.Dante jumped to the left before the fissure swallowed him up landing on the fissures left side as it kept going forward.
"Hehehe too bad"Dante smirked and he heard crackilng behind him and he jumped up before he was hit by Kakashis lightning blade.
As he land ded on the right side he heard both shinobis say the same jutsu"Fire style Burning Ash!!".
He surrounded by ash then he tunneled underground and appeared 20 yrds away just as the ash exploded.He then frowned and thought 'huh so this is how it ends' as Kakashi and Drakken popped out of the smoke both having Lightning blade charged hands.
"We got him now"said Kakashi as both his and Drakkens lightning blades peirced Dantes body and ended the rogues life.
Kakashi removed his hand from the corpse with a sickening squelch as his hand was covered in blood.As he did this Drakken went over and grabbed his scythe then cut of the rogues head.
"What was that for?"Kakashi asked his partner.
"We need proof we killed him dont we?"Drakken said as he picked up the disembodied head by its hair.
Kakashi simply nodded as he and Drakken dashed of towards Iwagakure with their prize.
(20 minutes of traveling later)
Drakken and Kakashi appeared infront of the tsuchikages building suprising the guards.One of the guards asked"what is your buisness here?" the guard looked down to see Drakkens bloody scythe as DRakken held up Dantes severed head and simply stated"We got your rogue"
The guards then escorted the 2 leaf shinobis up to the Tsuchikages office as blood was dripping all over the hallways from Drakkens scythe and the rogues head.When they were outside the Tsuchikages office door one of the guards knocked.From inside they heard a gruff"Come in"
The guards entered the office first and stated in unison"Lord Tsuchikage the leaf ninjas are back from their mission".
The guards then stepped aside as Drakken and Kakashi stepped forward and lightly bowed.
"Well was your mission successful?"the tsuchikage questioned.
Drakken then raised the severed rouges head causing more blood to spill out of it and stated"Mission successful sir"
The tsuchikage then nodded and stated"Well done you 2 you may turn the head over to one of the guards and then be on your way"
Both Drakken and Kakashi bowed in respect then handed the head over to one of th guards and before they left Kakashi stated"Lord tsuchikage it seems your hallway is a bit messy" then he and Drakken left.
On their way out of the building Drakken turned to Kakashi and smiled"Well another mission bites the dust and I do beleive we have 2 lovely ladys waiting at home for us"
Kakashi simply smiled beneath his mask as he  and Drakken dashed off towards the leaf.
this is part 1 of the love story im writing for nee-chan ^^
Drakken Hkiura belongs to me
Dante is made up lol
Everyone else belongs to masashi kishimoto
long live masashi!!!
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EpicKakashi Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
d'aaww this is awesome Nii- chan!!! <33333333
I luvs it! :iconblushplz:
3rddemonbro Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
awww me glad u like it nee-chan ^^ likez i said 2nd part is friday ^^
EpicKakashi Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome! C:
3rddemonbro Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
yus :la:
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